E.ON and Tru Energy cleared for forced prepayment meter installations

E.ON and Tru Energy have been authorized by Ofgem to resume involuntary prepayment meter installations

Ofgem warns: PPM customers left behind in smart meter race

The energy regulator has warned energy suppliers about slow smart meter rollout for prepayment customers and those using Radio Teleswitch technology

Ofgem proposes measures to tackle rising £3bn energy debt

The proposed one-off price cap adjustment of £16 aims to ensure “fair recovery” of costs, allowing suppliers to support customers facing payment difficulties

British Gas offers £250 free credit to struggling homes

British Gas will allocate an additional £20 million to grant credit of up to £250 for prepayment customers dealing with energy cost challenges

Ofgem faces grilling on winter energy challenges

The Chief of Ofgem is set to face tough questions from MPs as the House of Commons Energy Security and Net Zero Committee examines preparations for the upcoming winter

UK energy debt crisis: Over £1bn owed on prepayment meters

Prepayment meter debt crisis has tripled since 2019, according to a report

Millions of UK homes urged to be placed on October 2020 energy price cap

Oxford academics recommend fuel poor households to switch back to the October 2020 tariff, before price increases, instead of the current Ofgem cap

Government scraps unfair charge on prepayment customers

The change is expected to save households approximately £21 annually

Ofgem proposes £13 allowance in PPM price cap for energy suppliers

The measure is part of Ofgem’s new plan to protect PPM customers and help energy suppliers recover bad debts

Fuel poverty advisor slams Ofgem’s actions on forced prepayment meters

The Committee on Fuel Poverty has proposed a winter ban on forced PPM installations