Shetland port gears up for massive wind farm partnership

Lerwick Port Authority and Irish utility ESB have inked an agreement to collaborate on a 500MW offshore wind project near Shetland, focusing on port solutions and operations

Lerwick Port Authority has signed its first collaboration agreement with Irish energy company ESB, aiming to support the development and operation of a 500MW floating offshore wind farm off the east coast of Shetland.

The Memorandum of Understanding commits both organisations to work together on port solutions for the project’s construction and ongoing maintenance.

ESB was awarded seabed development rights for the wind farm in 2022 and the project is currently in early-stage development.

It is expected to produce 500MW of electricity, enough to power 350,000 Scottish households.

ESB has invited local primary school children in Shetland to suggest a name for the wind farm, with a top prize of £1,250 in vouchers for local businesses.

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