UK approves massive offshore wind farm in North Wales

The government has granted a development consent order for the Awel y Môr offshore wind farm project, which is predicted to power half a million homes

The UK Government has given the green light to the Awel y Môr offshore wind farm project.

Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, Claire Coutinho, granted the development consent order, marking a step forward for the initiative led by energy company RWE.

This ambitious project, a collaboration between RWE, Stadtwerke München and Siemens Financial Services, is slated to become operational before the year 2030.

Comprising 50 turbines with a towering maximum height of 332 metres, Awel y Môr is set to rank among Wales’ largest renewable energy ventures.

RWE estimates it could produce enough electricity to power approximately 500,000 homes once it’s fully operational.

Tamsyn Rowe, RWE project lead for Awel y Môr, said: “We hope to secure our marine licence in the coming months, plus carry out offshore site investigations on the seabed as we begin to finalise plans for construction.

“To that end, I would also encourage any company with an interest in potentially joining the supply chain for Awel y Môr to sign up to RWE’s supplier transparency engagement programme.”

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