UK winter gas boiler usage drops by 18%

Gas boiler usage witnessed a substantial winter decline, notably in rented households, falling from 72% in winter 2021 to 54% in winter 2022

Gas central heating usage showed a notable decrease, especially in rented households, dropping from 72% in winter 2021 to 54% in winter 2022.

That’s according to a new government report which suggests during last winter there was a notable shift in home heating methods compared to the previous year.

The decline in the use of gas central heating was observed in owner-occupied households as well – from 82% to 60%.

The latest Public Attitudes Tracker also reveals that there was an increase in the use of alternative heating sources, including portable electric heaters (from 3% to 11%), solid fuel and wood heaters (from 1% to 7%), and natural gas heaters (from 1% to 4%).

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 41% of respondents paid significant attention to the amount of heat used in their homes during winter 2022.

This marked an increase compared to winter 2021 when only 27% reported being attentive to their heating costs.

The proportion of respondents who indicated they paid little or hardly any attention to their heating costs decreased from 25% to 15% during the same period.

These findings are likely influenced by rising energy prices and the overall cost of living, both of which have increased since winter 2021.

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