Net Hero Podcast – Houses that tell you how to save energy

I discuss a new app that helps you to maximise the energy saving potential of your homes by telling you what to install and where!

You wake up one winter’s day and your house tells you to install insulation, pop a solar panel on the roof and points out the best place to stick a heat pump!

Aaagh an AI house! Well not yet but a new start up is looking at building something along these lines. is an app that’s going to let homeowners find out just what they can do to cut emissions for their home, by explaining the potential for solar, heatpumps and other energy saving technologies.

I spoke to Bryan Charter, one of the founders, about how it works and the way this might help homeowners and landlords find a bespoke solution for energy saving measures. Will it be a gamechanger? Will it encourage us to think about our places differently? Listen in and find out more.

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