UK electricity consumption plummets

Total electricity consumption fell by 2.9% in the three months up to August 2023, with reduced domestic sales attributed to price-related shifts in consumer behaviour

In the three months leading up to August, the total electricity consumption from the public distribution system witnessed a 2.9% decline compared to the same period the previous year.

That’s according to the latest data released by the government which suggests this decrease in consumption extended to various sectors, impacting domestic and other final users, including commercial users.

The reduction in domestic consumption, with a 5.4% drop in sales during the three-month period, can be attributed to the ongoing influence of pricing on consumer demand.

Interestingly, despite weather conditions in August being cooler than the previous year and featuring more heating degree days, which usually prompt an increase in domestic consumption, the opposite was observed.

Industrial consumption experienced an uptick with a 2.8% increase in sales during the same period, aligning with trends in industrial productivity.

Meanwhile, consumption by other final users, including commercial users, saw a notable decrease of 5.7% in the three months leading to August, which could be indicative of shifts in behaviour linked to rising energy prices.

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