OVO launches community energy efficiency scheme

OVO has teamed up with Plunkett Foundation to introduce an initiative across ten community stores, providing free radiator keys and expert advice to help locals save at least £155 on their energy bills

OVO has launched a community-centric energy efficiency pilot scheme in collaboration with Plunkett Foundation.

Targeting ten shops spanning from Kent to Cumbria, the initiative aims to equip community members with the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs.

OVO’s Energy Experts will offer energy-saving insights to ten shopkeepers, who will, in turn, share this valuable information with their communities.

As part of the scheme, free radiator keys will be distributed, enabling individuals to implement OVO’s tips and potentially save over £155 on their annual energy bills.

Community members will be able to borrow the keys from participating shops.

Alongside this, participants will receive guidance on various energy efficiency measures, including bleeding radiators – an action desired by 40% of Brits, despite 19% admitting they don’t know how to do it.

Research conducted by OVO indicates that a significant portion of the UK population sees their local corner shop as a crucial community hub, with 74% considering it a pillar of their community.

Recognising the importance of such community spaces, over half (56%) of respondents expressed interest in a scheme providing energy efficiency advice and tools like radiator keys.

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