TELCA 2023: And the winner is…

In a dazzling celebration of excellence and innovation, the Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA) returned for its highly anticipated 2023 edition

The grandeur of the Stoller Hall in Manchester set the stage for the much-anticipated Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA) on the evening of December 6th, 2023.

Attendees were treated to an evening of sophistication, celebration, and, most importantly, the revelation of industry trailblazers.

The festivities commenced at 18:00 with the opening of the hall doors, welcoming guests to a glamorous setting.

At 19:00, the main event unfolded, captivating the audience with a showcase of the industry’s finest achievements and innovations.

From sustainability initiatives to technological breakthroughs, the spotlight was firmly on the remarkable strides made by energy consultancies.

The celebration didn’t conclude with the award presentations.

At 20:15, the revelry continued at the National Football Museum, just a stone’s throw away.

Against the backdrop of football history and memorabilia, the exclusive after-party unfolded, offering an opportunity for attendees to unwind, network, and revel in the night’s triumphs.

Sumit Bose, Editor of ELN said: “ I cannot believe it is ten years since the first TELCA! When we launched, the idea was to shine a light on the good practices of so many TPIs and consultants, to show that there is honesty, great service and innovation in this vital sector.

“They have grown over the decade and so many companies have been featured, both big and small, winning by showcasing their help and services to businesses up and down the land. We’ve seen winners that were small grow into large companies. We’ve seen some disappear. Sponsors have come and gone and changed, new suppliers have sprung up.

“But at the heart of it all something remains. INTEGRITY. We have always had totally independent judges, who have always done this without favour or prejudice. That’s why winning a TELCA matters as much now as it did back in 2013.

“I’m really looking forward to a special night, we have some fantastic entertainment planned to mark the occasion. My thanks as ever to all our sponsors, judges and most of all to the ELN team, who work so hard to bring this to you year on year.

“Here’s to a spectacular evening!”


Best Company To Work For                   Utility Bidder

Best Customer Service – Large             Utility Aid

Best Customer Service – SME               Indigo Swan

Best Customer Solution                         Experienced Energy Solutions

Best Low Carbon Solution                    Mitie

Do The Right Thing                               Green Team Consulting

Industry Expert                                      Tim Hipperson

Most Trusted Large                               eEnergy

Most Trusted SME                                 Boxfish

Net Zero Hero                                       Wendy Cheeseman

Net Zero Leaders                                  Balanced Energy

Consultancy of the Year SME                Connect Consultancy

Consultancy of the Year Large               My Energy Consultants

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