Energy supplier launches fixed tariff £208 below price cap

Utility Warehouse has introduced its latest fixed energy tariff, a three service package, offering customers the opportunity to secure energy rates at £1,720 until March 2025

Utility Warehouse (UW) has introduced a new fixed energy tariff, Fixed Saver 13, with rates at £1,720, offering customers a £208 saving below the current price cap.

A fixed energy tariff ensures that both unit rates and standing charges remain consistent throughout the agreed-upon contract duration with your energy supplier.

It’s worth noting that the fixed rate applies solely to the unit rates and standing charge and does not encompass the overall cost of the energy consumed.

UW’s three-service package requires customers to switch at least two existing broadband, mobile, or insurance services to UW.

For those opting for energy plus a single UW service, the Fixed 13 tariff offers an energy rate £178 below the current price cap, allowing customers to lock in rates at £1,750 until March 2025.

The tariff is open to both new and existing customers.

Customers signing up through a UW Partner are eligible for an extra £50 reduction on their UW utility bill.

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