ESO launches early constraint service to slash consumer energy bills

The electricity system operator has launched early constraint service to cut consumer energy bills in East Anglia, with expected savings of £20 million starting February 2024

The ESO has initiated an early constraint management service in East Anglia, set to reduce consumer energy bills.

Contracts have been awarded to three generating companies with ten units, beginning in February 2024.

The service, following the success of its Anglo-Scottish counterpart, aims to save around £20 million in consumer costs before the full launch in April 2025.

The move enables ESO’s control room greater flexibility by allowing renewable generation to continue operating, lowering constraint costs and reducing overall carbon intensity.

Julian Leslie, Director of Strategic Energy Planning and Chief Engineer at the ESO, said:  “The constraint management intertrip service is fundamental towards solving a heavily constrained area of the grid, reducing balancing costs.

“The ESO is driving forward innovative solutions to manage constraints on the system, whilst maximising our ability to utilise renewable generation, supporting the journey to 100% zero carbon operations by 2035.”

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