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National Gas’ Summer Outlook 2024: Stable supply, reduced exports

National Gas Transmission's Summer Outlook report predicts steady gas demand but decreased exports to Europe due to higher EU storage levels, with measures in place to manage supply resilience

National Gas Transmission has released its Summer Outlook 2024 report, outlining projections for gas demand and supply for the upcoming months.

The report suggests that demand levels will remain similar to those of the previous year, with a notable decrease in exports to Europe due to heightened storage levels in the EU.

Despite anticipated challenges, National Gas assures consumers of sufficient gas supply, emphasising ongoing maintenance programs and operational strategies to ensure network resilience.

Ian Radley, System Operations Director at National Gas, said: “Looking ahead to summer, we believe there is a robust gas supply for Great Britain, thanks to a strong supply from the UK Continental Shelf and Norway.

“At the same time, we expect to see a reduction in overall demand for our gas exports as a result of Europe’s improved storage levels and energy diversification.

“And we also anticipate one of the most extensive asset maintenance programmes ever undertaken in Great Britain this summer which, when combined with lower demand, will bolster network resilience.”

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