Edinburgh sweeps ahead with launch of new electric vehicle

The council – which is said to be the first local authority to roll out the electric sweeper – is estimated to save £18,000 a year in fuel compared to its diesel counterparts

Coventry incentivises black cab drivers to switch to electric taxis

The city council has launched the ‘Go Electric Taxi’ scheme, which is funded by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles

Carmakers gaming emissions tests ‘have cost European drivers €150bn’

The UK was the second top cheated nation, with British motorists having to fork out an extra €24.1bn in fuel costs

Panama to implement national electric mobility strategy

Replacing the current fleet of buses and taxis in the capital with electric vehicles could help save around £392m in fuel costs by 2030

New EU rules agreed to monitor heavy duty vehicle emissions

It is is the first ever EU legislation focusing on the CO2 emissions from lorries, buses and coaches

Self-driving lorries trial steers towards fuel savings

  A trial for self-driving lorries is expected to help slash fuel costs and congestion on UK roads. The £8.1 million “platooning” trial will see three heavy goods vehicles travelling in convoy, with acceleration and braking controlled by the lead vehicle and mirrored. However, all lorries in the platoon will always have a driver ready […]

Helsinki airport trims plane idling, cuts fuel costs

Changing the way airlines talk to each other about plane take-off and landing at Helsinki airport has cut fuel costs and made flights run more punctually. Airport operator Finavia made the claim on Monday, nearly two years after bringing in a scheme to make communication between different operators at the airport “smoother and more effective”. […]

Ryanair profit drop “reflects higher fuel costs”

Higher fuel costs helped drag down full year profits for budget airline Ryanair, said the aviation firm’s boss. For the first time in five years its profits after tax fell 8% despite getting more people on board its planes. Today it announced passenger numbers rose 3%, from 79.3 million to 81.7 million in the year […]

Car owners would avoid fuel guzzlers “if they knew lifetime fuel costs”

The United States is known for its highways chock full of gas-guzzling jeeps. But this wouldn’t necessarily be the case if car dealers showed the long-term fuel costs on labels next to vehicles on sale. Research from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in North Carolina suggests more people would go for fuel efficient rides […]

Rising fuel costs ‘threat to Scottish jobs’

Nearly a quarter of businesses in Scotland have considered cutting staff due to the pressure of rising fuel costs, a new survey revealed. Almost half (45%) of the firms also said energy costs were the biggest factor affecting them, with a third now using bicycles for business travel. 6% of those surveyed also said they […]