UK urged to electrify HGVs for net zero in £100bn investment plan

Analysts call for immediate action to electrify around 500,000 heavy goods vehicles in the UK, addressing nearly 20% of the country’s transport emissions

UK watchdog to crack down on fuel price rip-off

The Competition and Markets Authority has received new powers to monitor and penalise unfair fuel pricing, ensuring transparency from retailers

Rising retail margins drive up fuel costs for UK drivers, CMA finds

The CMA’s update on the road fuel market study highlights concerns over declining competitive intensity in the retail of petrol and diesel

OVO slashes home EV charging costs to 7p per kWh

EV owners can drive for less than 3p per mile and obtain a year’s worth of charging for £190

UK new car market grows 21%, private BEV registrations dip

September witnessed a 21% growth in the UK’s new car market, but private registrations of battery electric vehicles declined by 14.3%, new data shows

Solar-powered truck takes on world’s highest volcano

A Swiss team plans to break altitude records by using a solar-powered truck to reach the world’s highest active volcano, Ojos del Salado, in Chile

Diesel and petrol prices rise in September

The price of diesel skyrocketed by 8 pence per litre in September, with petrol prices increasing by 4.5 pence, marking the third and fourth consecutive monthly increases, according to a report

‘UK’s first’ peer-to-peer EV sharing platform turns idle cars into cash

A new platform enables EV owners to generate income by renting out their idle cars to other drivers

‘Diesel charged at nine times the price at pump’

Despite the wholesale price gap between petrol and diesel now just at 1.5p, if you’re filling up a diesel vehicle at the pump you’ll be paying 20p, new data has shown

Birmingham to set up ‘warm banks’ amid energy crisis

The local authority has urged Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak to take immediate action and protect low income people