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UK selects Wylfa for new nuclear power plant

The UK Government has selected Wylfa in Anglesey as the preferred site for a new large scale nuclear power plant

The UK Government has identified Wylfa in Anglesey as the preferred site for a new large scale nuclear power plant.

The government is engaging in discussions with international energy companies to explore the construction of the power station at Wylfa.

The proposed plant aims to provide power for six million homes for sixty years.

This initiative aligns with the UK’s goal of generating a quarter of its electricity from nuclear power by 2050.

The project at Wylfa is expected to create numerous jobs and attract investment to the region.

The site is considered suitable due to its proximity to cooling water and historical connection to the nuclear industry.

Great British Nuclear, the organisation responsible for advancing nuclear projects in the UK, has included Wylfa and Oldbury-on-Severn in Gloucestershire as potential sites for new nuclear developments.

This marks the first government acquisition of land for nuclear projects since the 1960s.

Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero Claire Coutinho, said: “Wylfa would not only bring clean, reliable power to millions of homes – it could create thousands of well-paid jobs and bring investment to the local area.”

Sue Ferns Senior Deputy General Secretary of Prospect Union said: “Wylfa represents the best site in Europe for a large-scale nuclear power station. With this announcement this has now been recognised by the UK Government.

“Gigawatt scale new nuclear power stations are vital to hitting net zero and for our energy security.”

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the NIA, said: “The government is absolutely right to pursue more large-scale nuclear alongside the SMR programme: it is proven technology that delivers clean, sovereign power and can transform communities with thousands of high quality, long term jobs and apprenticeships. 

“Wylfa is an ideal place for a big nuclear project and the community knows nuclear.”

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