Bentley boasts ‘UK’s first carbon-neutral luxury car factory’

The site sources 100% of its electricity from onsite solar panels and other renewable sources

Bentley powers up ‘UK’s largest’ solar carport

It consists of 10,000 solar panels, with a total capacity of 2.7MW

Bentley goes solar with clean carport

A large-scale commercial carport is under construction at the luxury car brand’s factory in Cheshire

Siemens and Bentley offer utility planning and design solution

Siemens and Bentley have joined forces to provide planning and design solutions for power utilities and industrial power customers. They believe distributed energy resources like microgrids require more advanced planning approaches to ensure system reliability and stability. Bentley’s OpenUtilities solution for utility power grid design will be integrated with Siemens’ PSS Suite for power system […]

Bentley pulls up to carbon cutting standard

Luxury carmaker Bentley has bagged the triple standard for cutting carbon, water and energy waste at its Crewe headquarters in Cheshire. Between 2011 and 2013 the company reduced its CO2 by 16% relative to the number of cars manufactured, while it sluiced water use down by 35.7%. As for waste, it had an absolute reduction in […]

Bentley brings out “luxury” hybrid cars

Bentley is known to be a bastion of expensive, high-class motoring – and soon green could be added to that list. The car manufacturer plans to bring out “luxury” hybrid models within three years. Its first display of hybrid power will come in 2017 in the Bentley SUV, due to be shown off at the […]

Bentley installs ‘UK’s largest’ rooftop solar system

Car manufacturer Bentley is upping its green credentials and installing what it claims is the largest roof mounted solar system in the UK. The 5MW project will include 20,000 solar panels and cover 2.45 hectares of roof space at Bentley Motor’s factory in Crewe (pictured). It is expected to generate up to 40% of Bentley’s […]