Each American throws away nearly three metric tonnes of food over their lifetime

A new survey suggests this means each year the average US citizen wastes around $2,796 on food that ends up in the bin

UK bins nearly £10bn worth of food every year

A new survey suggests each adult in the UK throws away an average of £6.84 of unused food each week

Wasting food ‘is top cause of environmental guilt among Brits’

Around 35% of people questioned said binning food made them feel guilty about their personal impact on the environment

Bossy bins tell you where to throw your trash

  A new machine can correctly identify different kinds of waste and instruct which bin they should be placed into. The UK throws away 2.5 billion disposable cups each year, with very few being recycled – consumers are often confused about whether they should go in the general waste, recycling or composting waste bin. Cambridge […]

UK bins 6m tonnes of avoidable food waste each year

The UK throws away at least 10 million tonnes of food every year, of which six million tonnes is avoidable. That’s according to a new government report, which suggests every £1 spent on influencing consumers to throw away less could result in public benefits of up to £6.50. It says global food production is responsible […]