Google’s AI project aims to slash UK city emissions

Google is piloting an AI-powered traffic optimisation project in the UK, using AI and Google Maps data to improve traffic light synchronisation and reduce emissions at intersections

Prime Minister vows to fight ‘anti-car’ schemes: “I’m on your side”

Rishi Sunak has ordered a review of traffic schemes to check if they cause congestion and block emergency vehicles

Sadiq Khan admits to stealing Boris Johnson’s ULEZ policy

The expansion of the clean air plan to cover all of Greater London’s areas has recently come up against opposition from councils

Council vows to block traffic emissions cameras

Sutton Council has raised concerns over the increased costs associated with the scheme’s rollout

‘Super plant’ eats excessive polluted air

Cotoneaster franchetii is at least 20% more effective at soaking up pollution, the Royal Horticultural Society says

UK council to suspend green traffic scheme due to confusion and long traffic queues

The programme, which aimed to limit vehicles in the streets and improve air quality, has allegedly caused ‘traffic chaos’ and ‘excessive amounts of pollution’

TfL considers free bus, train and tube tickets to encourage people to return to offices

The scheme, which is allegedly named ‘First Ride Free’ and would be applicable to ‘pay as you go’ customers, aims to get more people moving with public transport

Congestion charge rises to tackle car traffic in London

The ‘temporary’ changes are designed to reduce traffic in central London and enable more journeys to be made safely by foot or bike while keeping the bus network reliable for those making essential journeys