US long-duration energy storage demos to receive $350m funding

Projects that are capable of delivering electricity for 10 to 24 hours or longer will be supported

US geothermal sector receives $20m boost to lower drilling costs

The Department of Energy is looking to dramatically lower the costs of developing geothermal energy as drilling can sometimes exceed 50% of a project’s total costs

Amp Energy gets green light for 800MW battery projects in Scotland

The company claims the two 400MW batteries, due to be operational in April 2024, will be the largest grid-connected project of its kind in Europe

France’s Safran lent €500m for next-gen aircraft propulsion systems

The project supports the company’s ambition to achieve carbon-free air transport by 2050

Plans to deploy next-gen micro nuclear reactor in the US by 2026

The micro modular reactor is a fourth-generation nuclear energy system that is expected to deliver ‘safe, clean and cost-effective electricity and heat’

Assembly of world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor begins in France

A total of 35 nations are currently collaborating to build tokamak, a magnetic fusion device, which aims to demonstrate the real potential of fusion as a large scale carbon-free source of energy

Equinor to run carbon-free ammonia-fuelled supply vessel

Its Viking Energy vessel will be part of a research project to develop, install and test whether ammonia fuel cells can deliver 100% carbon-free power over long distances

Railways are most sustainable form of transport

Railways are the most environment friendly form of transport as they account for less than 1% of the industry’s global carbon emissions. The claim was made by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the International Union of Railways (UIC) as their report highlighted the environmental sustainability of rail transport with railway companies significantly improving their […]

New wind farm helps sponsor apprenticeships

Planning approval granted for an eight-turbine wind farm in Scotland will start a renewable scheme aiming to help create apprenticeships in the renewable energy sector. ​The scheme, which is based on a partnership between Carbon Free and Adam Smith College in Fife, will be given cash from the Earlseat wind farm to establish five engineering […]

Can Mini-Reactors Save Nuclear Power?

Catalyst believes that with the global demand for electricity growing at an extraordinary pace that it’s only a matter of time until new forms of energy start to appear on the market, and the dominance of the worlds leading energy companies will finally come to an end. There is a long term desire for reliable, […]