Lisa Nandy replaces Flint as Shadow Energy Secretary

Lisa Nandy has been confirmed as the new Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary. The announcement was made by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn this afternoon as he revealed his full shadow cabinet members. Ms Nandy, who was appointed MP for Wigan in 2010, said it’s a “huge privilege” to represent the party on this brief. […]

MPs vote against Ofgem powers on energy bills

Ed Miliband’s attempt to secure new powers for Ofgem to make energy suppliers pass on price cuts failed yesterday when MPs voted down the plan. The Labour leader revealed the idea over the weekend, resurrecting energy prices as a hot issue ahead of May’s general election. In a Labour motion for Opposition Day, 305 MPs voted against […]

Labour’s energy price freeze pledge ‘absolutely rock solid’

  The energy price freeze pledge made by Labour is “absolutely rock solid” and the party will not be backtracking on it, Caroline Flint told ELN. She insisted it will be taken through legislation “within the first 100 days of a Labour government” if the party wins the general election next year. The Shadow Energy […]

Unresolved energy complaints “20 times higher” than official stats

Half a million people and small businesses may not getting compensation from their energy company for poor service or wrong billing, Labour claimed today. Labour said this means unresolved complaints could be up to 20 times higher than official complaint figures suggest. It referred to a 2013 report by regulator Ofgem which found 5% of […]

Labour to put energy efficiency centre stage

The Labour party plans to push energy efficiency as a national priority and scrap the beleaguered insulation scheme, the Green Deal, if it wins the next election. Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint will reportedly announce the plans in a speech at Labour’s annual conference in Manchester today. She will pledge to insulate five million draughty […]

Public expects “big changes” in energy says Caroline Flint

Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint has told ELN the public “expects big changes” which is why Labour wants to scrap regulator Ofgem. The Labour MP was in Reading this morning to share her views on energy at a meeting of local Labour councillors, supporters and potential voters. In her speech she pointed to the example […]

Davey slams Labour’s “sound bite” stance on energy

Energy Secretary Ed Davey slammed Labour’s “populist, opportunist” and “sound bite approach” to energy yesterday. Labour tabled an Opposition Day vote in the House of Commons, asking MPs to give Ofgem powers to force energy suppliers to cap their prices. The Lib Dem politician ripped into his predecessor, Labour leader Ed Miliband (who wasn’t present […]

Labour favours “green gas” after election

If Labour wins the next election it will make a song and dance about “green gas” as a cheap and green source of heating. That’s according to the party’s Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint, who gave a speech yesterday describing green gas as a “big overlooked area” in energy policy. Ms Flint said: “If we […]

Is Labour diving into the shallow end on energy policy?

Energy Bill has extensive experience working for suppliers, TPIs and other energy companies. Still employed in the industry, he writes exclusively for ELN on the energy issues of the day. Having successfully dipped its toes in the water last year with a proposal for an energy price freeze, Labour donned its togs and jumped right […]

Labour all at sea on energy reform says Ofgem

The energy regulator has taken a virtually unprecedented step by questioning the Labour party’s grasp of electricity market reforms. The independent body took the flak today for its plans to crack open the wholesale power market from both Labour’s Caroline Flint, the Shadow Energy Secretary, as well as the watchdog Which?. Labour has battered the […]