MPs warn of China’s potential control of UK nuclear power

China’s increasing involvement in the UK’s civil nuclear sector poses a significant risk, potentially leading to China controlling the country’s nuclear power stations, according to a parliamentary report

Energy boss warns of winter price rise

Factors such as a stronger Chinese economy and a harsh winter could contribute to a rise in gas prices, the head of the International Energy Agency has cautioned

Low vote of confidence given to 90% of net zero pledges

Only the UK, New Zealand and EU managed to gain a high vote of confidence

UK ranks fourth in renewable energy attractiveness

The US has topped the Renewable Energy Index, while Germany has surpassed China

UK sets sail towards 100GW offshore wind milestone

The UK total offshore wind pipeline is second globally at 98GW, second only to China with 157GW, according to a report

G7 urged to collaborate rather than compete on renewables

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has emphasised the need for additional manufacturing capacity and secure access to critical minerals for a green transition

China developing hurricane-ready wind turbines

Its 7.25MW turbine can withstand 134mph wind speeds for up to 10 minutes

“2001: A Space Odyssey may come true” – without climate action

That’s according to Sci-Fi author Cixin Liu who spoke recently at the UN base

China invites US for climate talks

John Kerry has said he is hopeful the nations can “get back to where we were two years ago”

Leaked document claims Chinese spy balloon uses solar to power data collection

The document states that it had 10KW of solar capacity on board – similar to what would be found on a regular rooftop array