Oil deals at climate talks? UAE’s COP28 plans leaked

Leaked documents reveal that the UAE planned to utilise its role as the host of COP28 to engage in oil and gas deals with at least 15 nations

Leaked documents reveal that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) planned to engage in discussions about oil and gas deals with a minimum of 15 nations during the COP28 summit.

The BBC reported that the documents, prepared by the UAE’s COP28 team, included proposed “talking points” for meetings with various foreign governments.

The UAE’s COP28 team did not deny the intention to conduct business talks during the climate summit preparations.

The team stated that private meetings are private and emphasised their commitment to meaningful climate action.

The leaked documents provided insights into proposed discussions with countries like China, Colombia and others.

For example, the UAE’s state oil company, ADNOC, was reportedly willing to jointly assess international liquefied natural gas opportunities in Mozambique, Canada and Australia during talks with China.

Similar talking points outlined the UAE’s readiness to support Colombia in the development of its fossil fuel resources.

Additionally, commercial opportunities for Masdar, the UAE’s state renewable energy company, were detailed for meetings with 20 countries, including significant players like the UK, the US, China and Saudi Arabia.

Responding to the BBC report, Kaisa Kosonen, Policy Coordinator at Greenpeace International, said: “If the allegations are true, this is totally unacceptable and a real scandal. The climate summit leader should be focused on advancing climate solutions impartially, not backroom deals that are fuelling the crisis.

“This is exactly the kind of conflict of interest we feared when the CEO of an oil company was appointed to the role.

“If the Presidency wants to claw back credibility it can only do so through actions. That means brokering a global agreement for a just and equitable phaseout of all fossil fuels, in alignment with science and making polluters pay for the loss and damage they’ve caused to communities.”

The upcoming COP28 summit, where 167 world leaders are expected to convene, including King Charles III and Pope, is scheduled to commence this Thursday.

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