Greener EU policies could save firms €600bn

Businesses in the EU could save €600 billion (£528bn) if Member States introduced new policies encouraging the shift to a circular economy. That’s according to a new report from The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), which surveys the waste and sustainability credentials of 14 companies. The firms, which include Philips Lighting and ACCIONA, […]

New milestone for Scottish re-use circular economy

The Scottish circular economy has reached a new milestone today, with 100 quality-certified re-use stores and three superstores now in operation. Scottish Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham announced the landmark progress yesterday during a visit to Scotland’s first re-use hub, Blythswood Care in Dingwall. According to Zero Waste Scotland, every year thousands of reusable items needlessly […]

Electricals industry ‘could save £4.4bn by going greener’

The electricals industry could realise £4.4 billion of profit through adopting greener business models. That’s according to a new report from sustainability non-profit WRAP, which says the opportunity is being presented by a growing consumer appetite for circular economy practices such as take-back schemes and increased recycling. It says changing the way electrical products are […]

Sainsbury’s and Bosch get behind community fridges

Sainsbury’s and Bosch are among companies supporting a new network of community fridges across the UK. Environmental charity Hubbub aims to set up 50 sites across the UK within the next year to redistribute unwanted perishable food to low-income households in the local area and cut down on waste. The average British family wastes £470 a year by throwing […]

Circular economy ‘could benefit London by £7bn a year’

The circular economy could provide London with net benefits of at least £7 billion every year by 2036. That’s according to a new plan from the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB), which lays out a series of actions to secure the first £2.8 billion of this potential opportunity. It suggests by becoming more efficient […]

Industry expert to lead Scotland’s £18m circular economy fund

Zero Waste Scotland has appointed Simon Weston to chair its flagship Circular Economy Investment Fund. He is currently the Director for Raw Materials at the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI). The £18 million fund offers grants to small and medium sized businesses based in Scotland and aims to support work to help deliver circular economy […]

Address air pollution as a priority post-Brexit, say green experts

The UK’s sustainability experts are calling on the next government to make air pollution a priority after the nation leaves the EU. The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment’s (IEMA) poll of 669 environment and sustainability experts reveal a high level of support (97%) for tackling illegal levels of pollution in the UK. Around 96% […]

London launches new support scheme to boost circular economy

A new initiative to help smaller businesses in London become more resource efficient has been launched. Dubbed Advance London, it aims to help SMEs transition to or scale up circular economy business models and capitalise on the benefits. Circular economy is an approach that encourages keeping resources in circulation instead of being burned or ending […]

‘Wales third best recycler in world’

Wales is now the third best nation at recycling in the world. That’s according to a new report from research group Eunomia and environmental media firm Resource, which ranks the country just behind Germany and Taiwan. Whilst the report acknowledges direct comparison between countries is difficult, it cites Wales as a global leader due to […]

New £50m recycling, circular economy plan for London

A new £50 million business plan to boost London’s recycling efforts and the development of the circular economy has been launched. It covers the period between 2017 and 2020 and sets out how the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) will contribute to the capital’s aim of recycling 65% of waste by 2030. Circular economy […]