Energy industry urges government to reform clean power auctions

Trade associations have proposed changes to the auction process to maximise benefits, support emerging technologies and align parameters with the economic environment

‘UK can phase out gas power by 2030 saving £93bn’

A new report suggests by 2030, the UK could generate 99% of its electricity from renewables, even without imports

US installed 26GW of new clean power in 2020

US wind, utility solar and battery storage power capacity has now topped 170GW, according to a new report

Masdar upscales wind farm in Uzbekistan to 1.5GW

The project will support Uzbekistan in achieving its objectives of adding up to 3GW of wind energy and meeting 25% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources by the end of the decade

Arizona regulator proposes clean energy mandates

An Arizona regulator has proposed a mandate to produce 80% of energy from clean sources and install 3GW of storage by 2050. Andrew Tobin, a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission said his state and its utilities should also implement reforms to boost energy efficiency, electric vehicles and biomass. The move would see the state […]

UK smashes clean energy records with green 2017

The past year has been the UK’s greenest on record, in terms of how much of the country’s power comes from clean sources. That’s according to the latest statistics from National Grid, which shows renewable technologies and low carbon innovations have helped break a number of energy records. For the first time, June saw wind, […]

Renewables generate more electricity than ever before

Most of the UK’s electricity this year came from renewable sources. That’s according to a new report from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, which suggests the proportion of the power mix from low carbon technologies grew from 50.2% to 54.4%. Meanwhile, coal and gas generation fell to just 42% of generation, a […]

German renewables go sky high with ‘tallest turbines’

New wind turbines, said to be the tallest in the world, have gone online in Germany. Max Bögl Wind AG’s four turbines make up the pilot stage of a larger renewable energy and storage project in Gaildorf, near Stuttgart. Each year, the four turbines are each expected to generate more than 10GWh of electricity, enough […]

Wales generated 43% of renewable power in 2016

Wales generated 43% of its electricity through renewables in 2016. That’s according to a new government report, which says this was up nearly a third from the previous year. The number of renewable projects across the country has swelled in recent times, soaring up almost a fifth from 2014 to more than 67,000 clean energy […]

India ‘must invest $23bn for 2022 solar goal’

India will need to invest $23 billion (£17.1bn) over the next five years to meet its target of installing 40GW of solar capacity across the country’s rooftops. That’s according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), which says although the government has its sights on putting 175GW of non-hydropower renewable capacity into place by 2022, it […]