‘UK can phase out gas power by 2030 saving £93bn’

A new report suggests by 2030, the UK could generate 99% of its electricity from renewables, even without imports

Big Zero Report 2022

The UK power sector can bring gas generation down to 1% of electricity by 2030, avoiding £93 billion in gas costs in the same period.

That’s according to new modelling by think tank Ember which suggests it is possible for the UK to move its 2035 clean power system target forward and move away from gas faster.

The study stresses that over the next four years, the UK has sufficient wind and solar capacity planned and underway to put it on track for the 2030 clean power target if all these projects are approved and constructed.

The authors note that to phase out gas by 2030, the UK will need to add 90GW of wind and solar capacity paired with investment in the transmission grid.

Phil MacDonald, Ember’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “To see that gas is a dead end, just look at the spiralling energy bills of the last year.

“Right now, the UK is highly exposed to the punishing costs and geopolitical risks that come with depending on gas for heating and electricity.

“But with abundant and cheap offshore wind resources, the UK doesn’t have to be stuck with gas.”

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