City Climate Finance Gap Fund provides support to 33 cities

It helps cities understand their exposure to climate challenges and develop plans and strategies to reduce emissions and vulnerability to climate risks, among others

New partnership seeks to accelerate action on climate change adaptation

The focus areas of collaboration include financing adaptation solutions, supporting knowledge, tolls and capacity-building on adaptation and sharing best practices and data

Global innovators invited to bring climate-smart cooling solutions to India

Innovations sought include refrigerated warehousing, space conditioning for packaging and sorting, inter and intra-city mobile cooling solutions for pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive goods

Korea commits $9m for global climate smart initiatives

Korea will work jointly with the IFC to deploy resources in targeted ways that deliver on the new climate ambitions of their partnership

Global innovators selected to pilot ‘game-changing’ energy efficient cooling tech

The programme is funded by the UK Government’s International Climate Finance, offering a total of $1.5m in grant funding for the pilot implementation

Image of euro sign being held by two fingers against a backdrop of the sky and clouds
EU and World Bank agree €7m for energy and water security in Central Asia

The funding will contribute to a programme that helps boost security through knowledge exchange, policy advice and project preparation

World Bank launches new fund to support ‘climate-smart’ mining for low carbon tech

It will assist with the sustainable extraction and processing of minerals and metals used in clean energy technologies

Caribbean aims to be world’s first ‘climate smart’ zone

Richard Branson and Usain Bolt were part of the launch of the Caribbean ClimateSmart Accelerator yesterday

$5.1m for ‘climate smart’ crop production in China

The World Bank has approved a $5.1 million (£3m) grant to support “climate smart” crop production in China. China’s intensive crop production relies on high and inefficient use of fertilisers, pesticides and irrigation water inputs, the Bank said. There are also unsustainable crop production practices, which includes straw burning, flood irrigation and low rates of […]