Government urged to launch per-mile charging system for EVs

A think tank has proposed replacing fuel duty with a per-mile charging system, providing higher mileage allowances for residents in rural areas to maintain fairness

London Mayor hits back at Boris over ULEZ expansion comments

Sadiq Khan has said he will not “take lectures” from the former Prime Minister over the ULEZ expansion plans

EU proposes new standards for last generation of combustion engines

The Euro 7 standards will ensure cars, vans, lorries and buses are much cleaner and tackle emissions from tailpipes as well as from brakes and tyres

End of road for EU new combustion-engine cars by 2035

The EU has reached a deal to ban internal combustion engines

New valve tech could makes engines ‘cleaner and cheaper’

Researchers say the technology has the ability to specifically time the opening and closing of the valves, which is key to increasing fuel efficiency