End of road for EU new combustion-engine cars by 2035

The EU has reached a deal to ban internal combustion engines

Europe has decided to end the sale of new combustion-engine vehicles by 2035.

The European Council and Parliament reached a deal yesterday requiring auto manufacturers to sell only zero-emission emission vehicles.

The decision means that diesel and petrol cars will not be registered in European countries after 2035.

The European institutions have also decided that starting in 2030, vehicles must meet the emissions goal of 55% below 2021 levels.

According to the regulation, every car maker must ensure that the average carbon dioxide emissions from its fleet of newly registered vehicles in a calendar year do not exceed its specific annual emissions target.

Anna Hubáčková, Czech Minister of Environment, said: “Zero-emission mobility will be a building block for slowing down climate change that can create severe disruptions in many sectors of our society, including environment, migration, food security and the economy.”

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