Recycled food powers UK homes

Last year, Essex provided over 37,000 tonnes of food waste, powering 6,310 homes across the UK for an entire year

Amateur gardeners to be banned from using peat compost from 2024

Peatlands are the UK’s largest carbon store but only around 13% are said to be in a near-natural state

Canadian firm wins $1m for fully compostable and plant-based coffee pods

NEXE Innovations’ coffee pods achieve 100% breakdown by composting within 10 weeks, with no negative effects on the quality of the resulting compost

Record year for recycling in Wales as it exceeds 64% target

It has achieved a recycling rate of 65.14%, with 18 of the 22 local authorities having delivered against the increased target in the very first year

Compost burial
Washington could become first US state to allow ‘human composting’

The state has passed a bill that would legalise an eco-friendly process to turn dead bodies into nutrient-rich soil – it just needs approval from the Governor

UK businesses offered £4m to design circular future for plastics

Projects can be led by a business or a research and technology organisation but must include an SME

Scottish waste recycling rises above 60% for first time

Seven million tonnes of waste was disposed of sustainably over 2016

New packaging can join food waste in the compost!

A UK company is offering 100% compostable catering products and food packaging. Vegware’s low carbon products are made from renewable materials and can be recycled alongside food waste, solving the problem of not being able to recycle food-contaminated plastics. So far this year, the company has already saved more than four million kilograms of carbon and prevented around three and […]

English recycling rate hit new high in 2012

The amount of household waste recycled in England hit a new high over the summer in 2012, according to Defra. In 2006 little more than a third of household waste was recycled but between July and September last year, households sent nearly half (47%) of more than 6 million tonnes of waste for recycling. That’s […]

Households recycling more, wasting less

Household recycling has gone up while people are wasting less, according to new Defra statistics released today. The proportion of household waste sent for recycling, composting or reuse over 2011 in England was 42.9%, up from 41.5% in the financial year of April 2010 to March 2011. The amount of waste per person is going […]