Bill Gates-backed concentrated solar firm breaks commercial temperature records

Heliogen says its computer-enabled technology has reached temperatures greater than 1,000°C, enabling it to be used in the production of cement, steel and chemicals

China’s first two concentrated solar plants get automated tech upgrade

The systems will automatically manage the transportation of heat to molten salt tanks for storage and control how power is fed into the grid

China’s ‘first’ commercial concentrated solar plant produces power

It has a total capacity of 50MW plant – equivalent to the electricity produced by 60,000 tonnes of coal a year

New solar in Dubai ‘to save 2.4m tonnes of emissions’

A proposed concentrated solar power (CSP) plant near Dubai is expected to save 2.4 million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. The 700MW Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, to be developed by ACWA Power, will be spread over the equivalent area of more than 4,500 football fields. It will be mostly made up of […]

Tunisia focuses on solar exports with giant facility

A proposed concentrated solar power (CSP) facility in Tunisia could export large amounts of energy to Europe. If the project is approved by the North African country’s government, energy company TuNur could start building the facility in the Rjim Maatoug region. The facility would use thousands of mirrors to focus concentrated solar energy onto a […]

Spain reigns Europe’s plains for concentrated solar power

Spain clearly reigns in Europe when it comes to concentrated solar power as new figures show more than 99% of the continent’s projects are situated in the sunny nation. Concentrating solar power (CSP) plants use mirrors or lenses to reflect the sun’s rays onto a single point where it is used to heat up a […]

EU on track to exceed 2020 renewables target

The EU will exceed its target of meeting 20% of its energy consumption from renewables by 2020, according to the European Wind Energy Association. The EWEA has just published an analysis of the National Renewable Energy Action Plans submitted by the 27 EU member states to the European Commission. “Taken together, the action plans show […]