Is it too late to hit 2050 emissions target?

The UK must make positive steps towards carbon-free heating if it is to hit its 2050 target of an 80% reduction in emissions. Jenny Hill, Senior Analyst for the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), is worried it may already be too late. Speaking at an event yesterday in London, she said: “The actual mix [of carbon-free energy […]

Estimated costs of Hinkley could rise to £37bn

The estimated cost of the Hinkley Point C project over its lifetime could reach £37 billion. That’s according to new figures released by DECC which raised its estimate of how much the new nuclear project at Hinkley Point C could cost in subsidies. Last year, the government said the cost of the nuclear project in […]

UK seeks 53.8GW of power in auction for 2017/18

The government aims to secure 53.8GW of electricity in January next year to ensure there is enough power when demand is high during winter 2017/18. Under the Capacity Market, power plant owners are paid to provide electricity at short notice especially when demand increases. Two capacity auctions and the second Transitional Arrangements auction, which supports […]

Fracking rules must be tougher, say UK’s climate advisers

Shale gas production will not be consistent with the UK’s climate targets unless there are tougher regulations in place. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) believes large-scale fracking could only go ahead if three key tests are met to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are as follows: Test 1: Emissions must be tightly regulated […]

Around 1.91m energy efficiency measures installed by April

Around 1.91 million energy efficiency measures were installed at the end of April. They were installed in around 1.53 million properties through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), Green Deal and the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund schemes, according to new data released by DECC. The largest amount of measures – 96%- were installed through the […]

UK Government sets fifth carbon budget

The government has set the fifth carbon budget proposed by the Committee on Climate Change. That means the UK will be required to reduce emissions by 57% between 2028 and 2032 compared to 1990 levels. DECC stated climate change is one of the biggest long term threats to our economy and carbon budgets are “one […]

UK consults on deploying £320m for heat networks

A consultation on how best to deploy £320 million for investment in low carbon heating projects in the next five years has been launched. The Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) aims to create a “central heating for cities” by increasing the number of heat networks being built and creating the conditions necessary for the development […]

Editorial – DECC’s women in power bust up

You may not have noticed our DECC ministers much lately. I certainly haven’t. We’ve been pretty quiet on that front for a while, the odd appearance by Andrea Leadsom here and there, Lord Bourne popping up but Amber Rudd? Then I switched onto the EU tv debate last night and it all became clear. DECC […]

DECC proposes anaerobic digestion subsidy cuts

The government has proposed to reduce support for anaerobic digestion (AD) projects in the UK. It has launched a consultation – open until 7th July – on revised support levels for AD and micro combined heat and power (mCHP) technologies currently eligible for the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme. The initiative was launched in 2010 to […]

Feed-in Tariff deployment rose 28% in April

Projects deployed under the government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme at the end of April had a total capacity of 4,982MW. That’s more than 865,600 installations – a 28% increase in total FiT installed capacity compared to the same period in 2015, new figures from DECC reveal. The highest growth rate was in hydro projects which rose […]