UK revs up £2m funding for electric delivery bikes

Older, polluting diesel vans making short deliveries are said to be a major source of congestion and harmful emissions

China’s largest retailer deploys hydrogen delivery trucks across Shanghai says the ‘dozens’ of fuel cell vehicles it has rolled out can travel for 300 kilometres per tank

City of London deliveries go green with pedal power

The City of London has launched cargo bike deliveries as part of its efforts to curb air pollution. The delivery programme was trialled during Christmas and means local businesses can hire a rider to carry their goods anywhere within the city’s Congestion Charge zone. Cargo bike delivery services Recharge Cargo and Outspoken Delivery have formed […]

UK won’t hit COP21 targets, say 83% of firms

A staggering 83% of infrastructure firms aren’t confident in the UK’s ability to meet the requirements of the COP21 Paris Climate Change Agreement. That is according to a new CBI survey of 728 companies. Nearly three quarters of firms and four fifths of manufacturers said improving the security of energy supply was an important long term goal for their […]