UK to invest £390m per year in innovation and research

The government has pledged to invest £390 million per year on research and innovation over the next four years. The money from the Department for International Development (DFID) will focus on projects and technologies to help address global challenges including energy, climate change and water. There will be “significant research investment” in those areas including […]

UK – Sierra Leone partnership ‘will attract more energy investors’

  The UK and Sierra Leone partnership will attract more businesses to invest in the country’s energy sector. That’s according to Henry Macauley, Energy Minister of Sierra Leona who told ELN: “I think the partnership that we are developing with DFID [Department for International Development] by the time it accelerates and rams up I’m sure it […]

UK buying £50m of carbon credits then cancelling them

The UK is buying £50million worth of carbon credits from developing countries under new plans announced during the UN’s climate talks. The COP19 summit wrapped up on Saturday with ministers declaring there was plenty of “homework” to do ahead of the next meetings due to be held in the next two years in Peru and […]