£25m fund for sustainable UK biofuel projects

A £25 million fund has been launched for the construction of waste-to-energy and other advanced biofuel plants in the UK. Companies can bid for a share of the fund by proposing new ideas for viable demonstration-scale plants that can drive the development of the UK’s biofuel industry. The cash will be made available by the […]

Local buses get £5m fare to cut emissions

Local buses in towns and cities across England are getting £5million to cut pollution. Local authorities will be able to bid for grants of up to £1 million from the Department for Transport’s Clean Bus Technology Fund. The cash will go towards upgrading existing buses with cleaner engines or exhaust after-treatment equipment. Local Transport Minister […]

More airports ‘would force firms to cut more emissions’

More airports in the UK will damage the UK’s chance to hit climate change targets and force British business to cut more emissions, campaigners have warned after the Government set up an inquiry into the UK’s aviation industry. A panel of six experts on the Independent Airports Commission will look at whether the country needs […]

Crops for biofuel ‘risks hunger for millions’

Using crops for biofuels risks leaving millions hungry around the world, Oxfam warned yesterday. The charity’s demands came the day before EU Commissioners confirmed new draft legislation – which was leaked to the media last week – will see the EU limit its crop-based biofuels transport quota to 5%. Previously EU biofuel laws demanded that […]

£11m fund boosts low carbon truck trial

An £11milion fund from the Government is set to help fleet operators test out new low carbon technology. The £23million programme, managed by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in partnership with the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, is aimed at encouraging the use of clean fuels for heavy goods […]

UK businesses gear up for new EV scheme

A new initiative is set to show companies how introducing electric vehicles (EVs) in their businesses can help them save money. The Energy Saving Trust’s ‘Plugged-in Fleets’ scheme, funded by Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport (DfT), selected 20 British companies who will be shown how EVs could benefit their organisations. Caroline […]

Hopes that Energy Bill is “priority” in Queen’s Speech

The chair of the Parliament’s energy policy ‘watchdog’ hopes the Energy Bill will feature prominently in the Queen’s Speech tomorrow. But this could be a challenge if the Department for Energy and Climate Change doesn’t exercise more “muscle” when it comes to dealing with other departments on Government, suggested MP Tim Yeo, chair of the energy […]

Government sets out vision for bioenergy

Bioenergy could count for around a tenth of the UK’s total primary energy demand by 2020, according to the latest assessment from the Government. Yesterday the Government set out its vision for bioenergy to coincide with a new report by the UK’s National Centre for renewable materials and technologies which suggests the sector could support […]

Safety group dismisses tanker strike threat complaint

A road safety group has dismissed the safety concerns of the union Unite as reason for strike action, while others in the industry claim they are “nonsense”. The union Unite today asked its members whether they want to take industrial action in protest over employers “slashing drivers’ terms and conditions and cutting corners on training […]

Biofuels could slap extra £2bn on prices at the pump

Biofuels could slap an extra £2billion onto prices at the petrol pump by 2020. That’s the claim today from two charities who are slating UK plans to increase the proportion of biofuels in UK petrol to fall in line with EU renewable energy targets. The Government is planning to increase the amount of biofuels – […]