Pool goes green: Energy saving lights make a splash

Energy saving LED lighting has been introduced at a leisure centre in Rickmansworth, replacing halogen lights above the pool

Fewer children suffer from asthma as Poland tackles air pollution, says expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Anna Dworakowska, co-founder of advocacy group, Polish Smog Alert who told us that good legislation is vital for decarbonising

Council introduces emissions-based parking charges

Greenwich Council has introduced tiered parking rates, charging owners of high-emission vehicles up to £7 per hour for on-street parking, while zero emission vehicles could pay as little as 70p

High Court upholds ULEZ expansion: What next for the scheme?

High Court has ruled the ULEZ expansion in outer London boroughs legal, allowing the daily charge for highly polluting vehicles from 29th August

Birmingham tops UK’s energy demand for EV charging

A report outlines the need for strategic grid reinforcement in Birmingham due to its large vehicle count

UK EV market boom: Industry urges VAT cut on public charging

The BEV market grew by 39.4% in June, according to a new industry report

UK to introduce ‘pump watch’ scheme to protect drivers

The government plans to implement a scheme, compelling retailers to share petrol and diesel prices online, aiming to prevent drivers from being overcharged

Supermarket fuel margin hike costs UK drivers £900m

The Competition and Markets Authority has found that the supermarket fuel margin increase costs customers approximately £75 million per month

EVs cause twice the road damage of petrol vehicles, study reveals

A new study shows EVs put 2.24 times more stress on roads than petrol vehicles, possibly worsening the UK’s pothole crisis

Government urged to launch per-mile charging system for EVs

A think tank has proposed replacing fuel duty with a per-mile charging system, providing higher mileage allowances for residents in rural areas to maintain fairness