UK to introduce ‘pump watch’ scheme to protect drivers

The government plans to implement a scheme, compelling retailers to share petrol and diesel prices online, aiming to prevent drivers from being overcharged

The government will reportedly take action to improve transparency and protect drivers by introducing a new pump watch site.

Operated by regulators, the pump watch site will serve as a centralised platform where retailers are required to share petrol and diesel prices.

This will enable drivers to access up-to-date information about local fuel prices and make informed decisions about where to fill up their tanks.

By providing drivers with easy access to pricing information, the government hopes to foster competition among fuel retailers.

This initiative also aims to prevent unfair treatment of motorists and ensure they are not overcharged for fuel.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has expressed full support for the scheme, emphasising the government’s commitment to cracking down on any forms of exploitation.

In discussions with regulators, the Chancellor has expressed his determination to reduce everyday costs and eliminate any unfair treatment faced by drivers.

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