Industry calls for more energy efficiency investments

Policy incentives are needed to upgrade the UK’s leakiest homes, a trade association has said

The government has been urged to unlock private investment for energy efficiency measures to insulate Britain against rising energy bills.

The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) has written to the government calling for a rapid scale-up of green measures for households across the UK to protect them from future energy price rises.

It is estimated that 63% of UK homes require less than £1,000 per home to upgrade to Energy Performance Certificate Band C.

A few days ago, the ADE called on the government to put the expansion of heat networks at the heart of its energy security plans. 

Last month, the Climate Change Committee said that new oil and gas was not the best way to protect consumers from skyrocketing energy prices.

It added home insulation, heat pumps, electric vehicles and renewables could provide a sustainable way out of the crisis.

ADE Policy Manager Chris Friedler said: “One year on from the closure of the Green Homes Grant and almost six months from the publication of the Heat and Buildings Strategy, there is still no overarching policy to keep leaky homes warm for homeowners.

“With the twin crises of climate change and skyrocketing gas prices, the government should commit to a framework for new financial innovations coupled with new policy incentives and investment in the retrofit supply chain to get the UK’s transition to warmer, cheaper and more environmentally sustainable homes moving.”

A government spokesperson told ELN: “Our Heat and Buildings Strategy set out a comprehensive package of measures to retrofit the nation’s buildings. We are also accelerating our progress in upgrading the energy efficiency of England’s homes, investing over £6.6 billion billion to decarbonise homes and buildings and bringing in higher minimum performance standards to ensure all homes meet EPC Band C by 2035.

“Just last week we announced plans to reform the VAT reliefs available for families looking to install energy saving materials. Consumers will pay a 0% rate on materials such as solar panels, heat pumps and insulation, and the scope of who can access the reliefs has been expanded.”

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