CCC: “Current government net zero plans will not deliver”

The government’s climate advisors have stressed that the rate of household insulation measures remains at rock bottom

EU and Norway step up co-operation to ensure additional gas supplies

Norway is the biggest producer of oil and gas in Europe, delivering around one-fourth of EU countries’ gas consumption and significantly contributing to European energy security

UK ‘paid £5.1bn for Russian gas, oil and coal in 2021’

In the second month since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian oil and coal imports to the UK fell by 70%, according to a report

Government grilled over oil drilling decision

Surrey County Council branded the decision as “disappointing”

Centrica files application to reopen ‘Britain’s biggest’ gas storage site

The Rough site has the capacity to store enough to cover the UK’s needs for ten days

Lithuania “cuts completely” Russian energy imports

The country’s Energy Minister confirmed the move as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to rage

Octopus winds its way through UK offshore wind power

Octopus Energy Generation bought an 8% stake in a 270MW offshore wind farm off the coast of Skegness in the East of England

Octopus invites landowners to host wind turbines to lower their energy bills

The campaign is part of a wind tariff designed to bring local communities’ bills down

Industry responds to Energy Security Strategy

Will the new energy plan help the UK boost its energy independence? Leading voices respond to the government’s new strategy

Ecotricity boss Dale Vince to step down

The chief executive is looking for a new owner who shares the company’s commitment to green energy and can fund the development of its green energy projects