Energy Live Future goes to Mars and beyond!

Major energy end users spending more than £2bn worth of energy were part of the event

Large energy users say Energy Live Future was a hit!

It was ELN’s second event exclusively for large energy end users

ELF 2018: Reducing energy costs biggest challenge for 38% of large power users

The event attracted large energy users with more than £2bn of energy spend

Energy Live Future is off to Mars and beyond!

Major energy end users spending more than £2bn worth of energy will be part of the event at The Crystal in London today

The future of energy in Mars?

Bas Lansdorp, CEO and Co-founder of Mars One will be speaking at Energy Live Future on 7th June at The Crystal in London

Debating the energy future

  Robert Llewellyn, Gab Barbaro and ELN Editor Sumit Bose debate the issues of the future at the Energy Live Future event. Join them for a light hearted look at the way energy storage, generation and transportation is set to radically change our everyday lives.

Tech Tinder fun at Energy Live Future

In a light-hearted session hosted by ELN Editor Sumit Bose and Robert Llewellyn, the Energy Live Future audience got a view of what is the best kit around and what frankly needs to be left on the shelf. The audience got involved and helped decide whether the energy innovations on display got a left or a […]

Guest Blog: Jon Davies – Horses for EV courses, the future is coming!

Last week I had the opportunity to spend the day with ELN and a number of large UK corporate businesses at the inaugural Energy Live Future event. It was hugely refreshing to see significant users of energy engaging in debate around upcoming technologies and thinking through the impact they could have on their business. Having […]

Space-based solar: China starts to planet!

The solar panels of the future could harness the sun’s energy directly from space. That’s according to Dan Lewis, Energy Policy Adviser to the Institute of Directors (IoD) and CEO of Future Energy Strategies, who spoke to ELN at our Energy Live Future Conference in Leicester last week. He said: “We’re going to start accessing space […]

Political uncertainty ‘will hinder energy tech investment’

Nearly half (48%) of large energy users believe political and regulatory uncertainty will hinder investment in new technologies. British Gas Business questioned businesses at the Energy Live Future event at the National Space Centre in Leicester last week, which attracted more than 200 of the UK’s largest end users, experts and innovators. Its survey also […]