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Green tech saves big at university campus

Live digital twin technology was piloted at the University of Liverpool, resulting in cost savings and energy reductions.

Developed by Glasgow-based firm IES, the tool, known as IES Live, integrates operational data for facilities managers to monitor performance metrics.

Collaboration with the university allowed for the evaluation of HVAC refurbishment projects, optimising energy efficiency and cost reduction.

The implementation of the tool led to £25,000 in operational cost savings and a 23% reduction in energy consumption.

Tony Small, Head of Engineering Services at the University of Liverpool said: “Working with IES on this project has given us detailed insight into the impact of our refurbishment work and will enable us to continually monitor and update our operational systems to ensure that the building is operating efficiently.

“With building use, occupants and settings altering frequently, having access to this level of data means we can make informed decisions on improvements and ensure optimum performance doesn’t come at the expense of occupant comfort.”

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