Amber Rudd expects no CfDs for onshore wind

Onshore wind is not expected to be allocated under the next round of the Contracts for Difference (CfDs) scheme, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said today. When questioned whether she expected the government to provide contracts for onshore wind, Ms Rudd said: “I wouldn’t, no”. Under the CfDs, renewable generators will be paid the difference between the current value of an asset […]

An Audience with Ed Davey

From the funniest climate change put-down to honest answers on the big issues facing energy users and the UK, here’s the crowd-winning Q&A with Energy Secretary Ed Davey at Energy Live 2014.

Ed Davey uses the F word

Energy Secretary Ed Davey uses the F word while taking questions from the audience at the Energy Live 2014 conference.

Ed Davey at Energy Live 2014

Energy Secretary Ed Davey takes to the stage at the Energy Live 2014 conference in London and talks regulation, energy efficiency and climate change.

Davey wants new suppliers to seize third of energy market

Energy Secretary Ed Davey hopes fledgling power suppliers will have a third of the UK’s customers by 2020. The Lib Dem minister is expected to make the remarks at the party’s annual conference in Glasgow today, when he will tout his role in shaking up the energy sector. Describing small energy firms as the “agents of […]

Davey dodges election question

Energy Secretary Ed Davey yesterday sidestepped questions about the future of UK energy policy after the next election. His party the Liberal Democrats were dealt a blow in the EU elections two weeks ago, losing seats in the European Parliament, raising the prospect of a similar loss in the UK’s 2015 general election. If the […]

Britain joins the US in calling for an end to coal

The Energy Secretary Ed Davey has said Britain will join the US in agreeing to end support for public financing of new coal-fired power stations abroad. Mr Davey made the announcement at the UN’s climate change conference in Warsaw. He said: “It is completely illogical for countries like the UK and the US to be […]

Lord Lawson – climate policy is "morally bankrupt"

The former Energy Secretary Nigel Lawson has told ELN climate change policy is “morally bankrupt”. Speaking in an interview with ELN Editor Sumit Bose ahead of the Energy Live 2013 conference today, Lord Lawson said: “We should suspend the Climate Change Act until we get global agreement.” He also criticised the Government’s energy bill as […]

Ed Davey defends 'rigged energy market' claim

Energy Secretary Ed Davey dismissed claims the energy market was “rigged” today by announcing tougher measures to boost competition. He also dangled the prospect of  “criminal sanctions” for anyone found manipulating energy markets. Giving the annual energy statement to the House of Commons this morning the Lib Dem minister declared: “This Government has equipped the […]

Lord Lawson slams Energy Bill as “worse than old-style nationalisation”

Lord Lawson yesterday laid into the Energy Bill as “worse than old-style nationalisation” and questioned why it gives powers to the Energy Secretary to sign off deals with companies to provide power firms. Yesterday the legislation continued its passage through the House of Lords. The former Chancellor of the Exchequer weighed in against the bill […]