Ofgem aims to end default energy tariffs

New measures to help move customers to better value deals at the end of their contract have been announced. Ofgem aims to ensure customers are free to switch if they choose to do so at the end of their fixed-term contracts and are not locked in with termination fees that may be poor value. It […]

Easy energy switching for restricted meter customers

New measures will give restricted meter customers access to a wide range of energy tariffs more easily. Around 700,000 customers will now be able to switch suppliers without changing their meter, with potential savings of £154 per year. Restricted meters apply different rates across different times of the day, for example customers with Economy 10 […]

Wessex Water buys energy switching platform

Wessex Water has bought a platform which automatically switches consumers onto the cheapest energy deal. The water company is said to “invest significantly” in Flipper, which automatically compares tariffs on a regular basis for customers. The purchase is part of Wessex Water’s commitment “to ensure customers get value for money”. David Elliott, Director of Strategy […]

Election debate should be about ‘more than just energy tariffs’

The energy policy debate in the run up to the general election should be about more than just tariffs. That’s the view of the Energy Networks Association (ENA), which is calling on politicians for a greater focus on infrastructure. It suggests the transition towards a smarter, flexible and integrated energy system “offers exciting opportunities” and […]

Energy suppliers required to help customers get better deals

Energy suppliers will be required to take part in trials to find the best ways of engaging with customers to get them better deals. Ofgem said the aim is to help disengaged customers ditch uncompetitive tariffs, adding suppliers have a special responsibility to those in vulnerable situations. The trials are one of the recommendations put […]

Six in 10 consumers still baffled by energy bills

A majority of consumers still don’t understand their energy bills. That’s according to a new survey which revealed six in 10 consumers are still confused about the information provided on their gas and electricity use. Almost half (48%) of those surveyed said they have seen no difference to energy bills and more than half are […]

Energy firms must flag cheaper brand deals from October

Energy suppliers will have to admit to their customers they would be better off switching to their partner brands from October. Called ‘white label’ providers, they do not hold a supply licence but instead work in partnership with a licensed supplier to offer gas and electricity using their own brands. Under Ofgem’s current regulations, energy […]

Quicker switching with simple energy pricing – Which?

Simplifying energy prices could lead to more consumers switching suppliers. That’s according to new research, which found 91% of people spotted the cheapest deal when shown simple prices compared to 43% who picked the correct choice under the current system. The average time people took to choose a tariff under simple pricing was 36 seconds […]

Customers urged to review their energy deals

Energy customers are being urged to review their gas and electricity tariffs “to make the savings they deserve”. The call from energy comparison specialists Love Energy Savings follows the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) investigation which revealed the UK’s Big Six suppliers could be overcharging customers by up to £234 a year. A staggering 95% […]

Shop around for energy, SMEs told

Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) could be missing out on potential energy savings as they aren’t shopping around. That’s according to a new report, which found 81% don’t check with other energy suppliers on whether there are better deals on offer. More than one in 10 SMEs have “never switched” suppliers and nearly a […]