Guest Blog: Vilnis Vesma – 50 ways to waste energy

Your fellow subscriber Vilnis Vesma wrote the following for a group of energy champions that he had been training. It was intended as a light-hearted “sideways look” at the subject, and never intended to be shared more widely, but he later learned that they had been using it as a behaviour-change aid.

Brits ‘waste 70m litres of water every day’ while preparing tea

A quarter of tea drinkers don’t know how much water it takes to heat just one mug’s worth, according to a report

‘Corporate buildings in corona-hibernation mode are seeing a 35% drop in energy use’

That’s the suggestion from Peter Nisbet, Managing Director of Mitie Energy that spoke to ELN about the importance of managing the energy consumption of empty buildings

China Energy to build €210m waste-to-energy plant in Ukraine

The power plant will turn 1,500 tonnes of rubbish into electricity per day

New initiative aims to change attitudes towards energy waste

Schneider Electric UK’s ‘Rethink Energy’ initiative hopes to raise awareness and encourage consumers to make conscious decisions towards an energy efficient future

Brits ‘back subsidies for renewables’

A majority of the UK public back subsidies for renewable energy projects, new report claims. Around 83% out of more than 2,000 people surveyed support subsidies for wind and solar, according to the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU). These support falls for coal (23%), gas (31%) and nuclear power (33%). The UK Government will […]

“Standby” guzzles billions of pounds in energy

Growing stockpiles of gadgets which “talk” to each other are via networks are wasting $80 billion (£47bn) a year guzzling ever more energy, a report has warned. The world’s 14 billion online electronic devices including phones, printers and game consoles are so wasteful because of inefficient technology. In its ‘More Data, Less Energy’ report, the International […]

US drivers ‘more concerned’ about energy waste than Brits

Drivers in the US are “more concerned” about energy waste compared to those in other countries such as the UK, Denmark and Singapore. Around half of US drivers are bothered by people wasting energy, claims a new survey by fuel giant Shell. More than three quarters of people see being fuel efficient as an important […]

Shops waste most energy when closed

Shops are wasting the most energy before customers have even entered the premises. That’s according to a study which found retailers waste 40% of their total energy use by leaving on lights and unnecessary air-conditioning and heating… at 8am. WEMSinternational, which conducted the research, said this means a typical retailer’s bill could spending around £4 […]

New Energy Secretary Davey promises 65,000 new jobs by 2015

The launch of an energy efficiency office within DECC is expected to support 65,000 jobs in the UK by 2015, according to new Energy Secretary Edward Davey. The Energy Efficiency Deployment Office (EEDO) will work alongside the Green Deal and hope to play a huge role in supporting jobs in the insulation and construction industries. […]