‘UK businesses wasting enough energy to power London for seven years’

Wasted energy cost UK businesses nearly £33.9 billion annually, according to new research

Big Zero Report 2022

The energy wasted by companies across the UK could power London for seven years.

The worrying finding comes from new research by the digital energy services company eEnergy which estimates 30% of all energy that is currently wasted comes from commercial buildings across the UK.

This costs businesses £33.9 billion annually, the report suggests.

The study found that for some of the heaviest energy users, including manufacturers and hospitals, annual savings could be as high as £3.1 million by introducing energy-saving solutions including LED lighting upgrades and smart metering.

Harvey Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of eEnergy, said: “The escalating energy crisis has served as a wakeup call for businesses, charities and public sector organisations across the country who may be forced to lay off staff or take other drastic measures just to keep the lights and heating on.”

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