UK nuclear fusion energy project secures EU funding

The Joint European Torus in Culham, operated by the UK Atomic Energy Authority, will receive at least €100m over the next two years

Lords Sub-Committee calls for more clarity on post-Brexit nuclear arrangements

It asked for regular updates on how the Office for Nuclear Regulation will be funded in the future

UK Government considering leaving EU internal energy market

It, however, seeks to ensure trade over interconnectors is maintained after Brexit

UK launches nuclear safeguards consultation as it prepares for Brexit

The government has made a series of proposals regarding the creation of a new nuclear safeguards regime

Theresa May seeks ‘broad energy co-operation’ with EU

The Prime Minister is exploring options for the UK’s continued participation in the EU’s internal energy market

Energy UK says ‘UK must participate in EU energy market’

The UK must continue to participate in the EU’s energy market to ensure the efficient trade of gas and electricity, maintain affordable security of supply and deliver its climate change targets. That’s according to Energy UK, which has outlined what it believes are the key issues for the energy sector to be discussed in the […]

UK aims to maintain close relationship with Euratom

The UK Government aims to maintain a close and effective association as possible with the EU’s nuclear body after Brexit. That’s according to a Written Ministerial Statement released by Greg Clark, which suggests this is to maximise continuity with current Euratom arrangements, ensure the UK maintains a leading role in European nuclear research and allow […]

UK ‘must retain close relationship with Euratom’

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee has called on the UK Government to retain “as close a relationship as possible” with the EU’s nuclear association following Brexit. It said links with Euratom must be maintained to ensure existing nuclear safeguards continue, as well as to minimise the risk of disruption to ongoing research […]

Majority of Brits ‘want to stay part of Euratom’

Only 10% of the UK public support the government’s decision to leave the treaty that regulates the nuclear industry across Europe. A new poll reveals around 56% of the 2,016 respondents want to remain part of Euratom after the UK leaves the EU, while 34% are unsure. A majority (75%) believe safeguarding checks are important […]

UK’s nuclear safeguards bill published in Parliament

A bill which will establish a domestic nuclear safeguards regime has been introduced to Parliament today. The Nuclear Safeguards Bill aims to bolster the roles and responsibilities of the UK’s existing nuclear regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), once the UK leaves the EU and Euratom. Last month Energy Secretary Greg Clark committed to […]