Nemo in big trouble finding his mates!

Some species of reef fish find it more difficult to identify competitors as a result of mass coral bleaching events, new research suggests

Fishermen get stone-walled!

Greenpeace drops boulders off Cornish coast to stop alleged overfishing

Britain’s largest lake covered with ‘toxic’ blue-green algae

People have been urged to stay out of Windermere Lake as it turned green from algae

Energy efficiency, not an odd-fish anymore!

Japanese scientists turn fish scales into carbon-nano onions, a material used in LEDs and electronics

Yorkshire Water fined £1.6m for ‘reckless’ sewage pollution

The court heard the water company’s George Street detention tank in Bradford was full for up to eight months during 2018, leading to 25 unauthorised sewage spills

Could 3D-printed reefs installed between wind turbines protect cod?

3D structures have been installed on the seabed in a Danish offshore wind farm to improve cod population growth

Anglian Water fined £300,000 following sewage leak in Essex

More than 5,000 fish and invertebrates at different sites along the River Wid were found dead, according to the Environment Agency

Companies fined for sewage leak killing fish

A £60k fine was given out after more than 2,400 fish were killed

Baby salmon tagged to keep tabs on climate change

They are being tracked and monitored to see how temperature increases are impacting survival rates

Anglian Water fined £18k for pollution incident

Firm’s failures at a pumping station near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire killed dozens of fish, according to the Environment Agency