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Hinkley Point C faces fresh environmental scrutiny

A fresh planning inquiry looms for Hinkley Point C to consider proposed changes, including removing fish deterrents and creating saltmarshes

EDF Energy‘s plans for Hinkley Point C, a nuclear power station, are under review as a new planning inquiry focuses on its environmental impact.

The company is seeking modifications to agreed measures, requiring approval from the Planning Inspectorate, prompting a new public inquiry.

Councillor Ros Wyke confirmed the inquiry, revealing proposed alterations to the development consent order, including removing acoustic fish deterrents (AFD) and constructing saltmarshes.

Concerns persist regarding the effectiveness of these measures, particularly regarding potential fish stock loss.

The Environment Agency has also raised reservations about the proposed changes, citing concerns over mitigation efforts and environmental assessments.

The Environment Agency said: “In summary, our main concerns include: we are currently unable to agree with the calculated level of harm from removing the AFD.

“More justification is required for the scale and proposed delivery timescales of the compensation package.”

Hinkley Point C is significant as the successor to decommissioned Hinkley Point A and B power stations, with construction underway and the first reactor expected to begin operations before 2030.

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