Veolia backs ‘UK’s first’ low carbon food production energy network

The project is predicted to reduce food manufacturing emissions by 30,000 tonnes annually at the food manufacturing community, SmartParc, near Derby

Exploring algae: A game-changer for our plates?

Kristinn Haflidason, General Manager of biotech startup Vaxa Technologies, discussed with Energy Live News the process of nutrient extraction from algae and its transformation into sustainable food products

UK firm unveils lab-grown pork fillets

Study participants’ feedback on the cultivated meat revealed comparable qualities to traditional pork

UK meat consumption ‘should be cut to avoid an ecological breakdown’

UK meat consumption must be reduced by 30% in the next ten years, the government’s food tsar has said

Government urged to pay farmers to restore natural habitats

Branding every kind of land as suitable for food and carbon removal is a recipe for failure, a think tank suggests

Farmland capable of growing 250k tonnes of vegetables a year wiped out by new builds

Nearly 300,000 homes and large renewable energy projects have been built on prime farmland, according to a report

Martians singing the ketchup song!

Scientists have discovered a way that could enable astronauts to grow tomatoes on Mars

Will children in Wales be offered edible insects as part of a sustainable meal project?

Researchers plan to offer a range of eco-friendly meat substitutes to children if they wish to do so and with written parental consent

Newcastle lab-grown steak soon at your plate!

The Chief Executive of a Newcastle-based startup spoke to ELN about how his team aims to grow ‘real’ steaks in a laboratory within 12 months

Eat smaller steaks to protect planet!

Sarah Bridle, Physics Professor at the University of Manchester, talked to ELN about how the size of our meals can have a big difference on carbon dioxide emissions