UK firm unveils lab-grown pork fillets

Study participants’ feedback on the cultivated meat revealed comparable qualities to traditional pork

Biotech company BSF Enterprise, which is the owner of 3D Bio-Tissues, a spin-out from Newcastle, has successfully produced two fillets of lab-grown pork.

These cultivated meat products were showcased at a recent technical event.

The company has received positive feedback on its cultivated meat from study participants.

The data collected indicated that the qualities of the lab-grown pork were comparable to traditional pork meat.

The study involved testing the meat’s appearance, aroma, texture and taste, with participants providing favourable feedback.

BSF is pleased with the results, which give them confidence in their technology as they explore potential licensing agreements.

3D Bio-Tissues had previously made headlines in January by creating the first structured cultivated meat steak fillet in their laboratory located in Newcastle.

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