Nearly 600k people endorse ‘free energy for all’ petition

The government has been urged to introduce a new energy pricing system that would allow every household to get a free amount of energy

Current standing charges are “gross injustice”, say campaigners

Ofgem has been told the existing standing charge makes it impossible for people to afford bills however much they cut their energy use

Ofgem threatened with legal action over price cap rise

The energy regulator is urged to take action to protect vulnerable customers before it introduces the new energy price cap

Fresh call on the government to put an end to standing charge

Almost 81% of energy customers support the idea of scrapping the standing charge on bills, according to a new poll

Ofgem urged to abandon plans to introduce a quarterly price cap

Campaigners have called on the regulator to work with energy firms to offer additional support to customers

Ofgem slammed over standing charges

A charity has urged the energy regulator to stop the ‘standing charge discrimination’

Are we all living in a pandemic of fuel poverty?

ELN takes an in-depth look at fuel poverty as soaring energy bills are pushing millions to choose between heating and food