UK heat policy risks increased gas imports

Scrapping the Clean Heat Market Mechanism could increase UK gas demand by 70TWh in 2035, risking a 19% rise in gas imports, according to a report

‘Hydrogen approval delay could add £600m to UK energy bills’

National Gas has warned consumers could see a £600 million yearly rise in energy bills without prompt approval for blending hydrogen into domestic gas supplies

Global LNG demand set to skyrocket

Shell’s LNG Outlook 2024 predicts a significant rise in global LNG demand by 2040, driven by China’s switch from coal to gas and increased usage in South Asian and Southeast Asian countries

National Grid’s Grain LNG inks gas storage expansion deal

National Grid’s Grain LNG and Algerian gas company Sonatrach have sealed a ten-year agreement, securing long term storage and redelivery capacity at the Grain LNG terminal from January 2029

UK turns to last coal plant amid Arctic blast for electricity boost

Britain relies heavily on its final coal power plant, Ratcliffe-on-Soar, contributing 3.4% to the nation’s electricity production, marking its busiest week in at least a year

Ministers ‘explore seven-day energy supplier change’

Government officials are reportedly exploring plans to enable households to switch energy suppliers within seven days, inspired by the banking switch guarantee

UK-Belgium gas networks sign landmark agreement

The British and Belgian gas transmission networks have signed an agreement for collaboration on decarbonising gas infrastructure

Europe’s LNG supply faces pressure from China and rising prices

Europe’s LNG supply faces challenges, especially due to surging Chinese demand, potentially leaving Europe vulnerable to shortages this winter and beyond, according to a new report

262 windless days require extended gas reliance, says National Gas boss

The Chief Executive of National Gas, Jon Butterworth, has stressed the long term necessity of fossil fuels, especially gas, to prevent power blackouts in the UK

National Gas boss slams push for all-electric UK

National Gas CEO, Jon Butterworth, endorses hydrogen adoption for decarbonisation but criticises the National Infrastructure Commission’s all-electric proposal