IEA: Global gas demand set for slow growth due to high prices

Analysts expect slower economic growth and less switching from coal or oil to gas

Centrica files application to reopen ‘Britain’s biggest’ gas storage site

The Rough site has the capacity to store enough to cover the UK’s needs for ten days

Equinor restarts Hammerfest LNG facility after 20-month shutdown

The plant was initially brought online in 2007 and was shut down in September 2020 for repairs following a fire

Energy prices expected to drop – only slightly – in 2023

A credit rating agency expects power prices to soar to more than €200/MWh in some European markets

Bord Gáis Energy increases its prices

Average electricity bills will go up by 27% while gas bills will rise by 39%

Irish energy costs predicted to remain at historic highs until 2029

There will be “a significant gap in prices” during the summer months, according to a new report

Insulation measures ‘to help Brits save £1.1bn a year’

Improved insulation of six million homes will save around £200 on gas bills from April, according to new research

Britain could learn from Japan’s response to Fukushima to deal with energy crisis

Behavioural change in energy demand could offset some of the pressure of soaring gas prices, MPs told

‘UK could spend £6.3m a day on Russian gas this year’

If the UK continues to import Russian gas at the same pace and price it would spend an estimated £2.3 billion in a year

IEA: “European gas demand to fall by more than 4% this year”

The agency suggests the decline will be down to lower gas burn in the power sector