Why it’s so important for businesses to switch to renewables

Join the fight against climate change.

Germany to pay out around €40bn in coal phaseout plan

The country aims to end coal power by 2038 at the latest and will compensate utilities, mines and state governments when it does so

Business and renewable energy
The benefits of switching to renewables

Why choosing a renewable power supply is good news for your business.

Austria to equip one million homes with solar panels by 2030

The nation’s first Conservative-Green coalition government also committed to reaching net zero by 2040

Coal-fired power plant in Montana to close two units

Plant owner Talen Montana says the units, which have a capacity of 614MW, will be permanently retired on 31st December

UK must double low carbon generation in the 2020s to meet climate targets

New analysis by Carbon Brief suggests the amount of electricity generated by low carbon sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, hydro and biomass stalled in 2019

A busy year in energy – but what exactly did 2019 change for the sector?

Just in case you’ve forgotten what’s been going on, we’ve put a quick summary together for you…

Coal made up only 1% of UK’s energy generated during third quarter of 2019

That’s according to a raft of new statistics released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, covering the period from July to September

ACCIONA installs two new renewable projects in Chile

The construction of a 62MW solar plant in Atacama and a 183MW wind facility in San Gabriel increases the firm’s clean energy operating capacity in the country by 84%

UK hits renewable energy record as wind shatters 16GW threshold

The new energy record was set on Sunday, when wind provided more than 40% of the nation’s power